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An East Betoota Tablet is said to be ‘ecstatic’ with news coming in from the coast that he’d won the prestigious Australian Father of the Year Award today in Brisbane.

The local three-year-old father, was the Queensland nominee for the competition after being nominated by an anonymous member of the wider Diamantina community.

Originally hailing from mainland China, Mr iPad said he’s always had a way with youngins after being assembled by an 8-year-old Chinese girl – with whom he still keeps in touch with.

But that was a lifetime ago.

“I still like to keep in touch with Chun back in China but Raven and Aquarium are my worlds these days,” said the tablet daddy.

“Their biological parents, Horse and Cashew, often like to plop me in front of the kids while the wind down at the end of the day. Having a glass of wine while they cook dinner, you know, the simple things,”

“But I’m just blown away that me, a $459 tablet that was stolen from the French Quarter ALDI, has one the Father of the Year Award, I’m just blown away. Thank you to everyone involved, thank you!”

iPad is the first tablet to be nominated for the prize and the first non-human father to win.

He plans to take a short holiday to celebrate the victory before turning to his duty.

More to come.


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