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A South Betootanese woman who slammed her the front door closed to parents’ Dennison Street Californian bungalow earlier in the year has been traced to Bondi – The Advocate can reveal.

Through a four-part investigation into the missing young lady, our reporters checked her various social media accounts daily – only to discover them riddled with images of Bondi shot facing north from the famous Icebergs megastructure on the southern end of the open sewer affectionately known as Bondi Beach.

Jessica Talbot, a wayward but ultimately dependable local 23-year-old, is said to have arrived in the Bondi area only a month ago but already her life is centred around Icebergs and the culture surrounding it.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate via a reverse charge telephone call, the impressionable Virgo said the best way to let people know where she is and lives is to put it on social media every second day.

“I’ve got a morning social morning ritual now,” she said.

“First, I get up really early. Way earlier than all those bottom feeders and perverts who live in the city and out in the bush. I put my morning walk on the Instagram story and if the sunrise is especially good, I’ll actually go ahead and [Insta]gram it,

“Then if I’m having a drink after work or something down at the RSL or club or whatever you call that part of Icebergs that isn’t Icebergs, I’ll put that on the story as well. I always try to cross-post to Facebook and Weibo whenever I can,

“I just want people to know where I live and how beautiful it is.”

When asked to provide comment on their daughter’s erratic and bizarre behaviour, Lisa and Gary Talbot said they didn’t know she even had an iPhone, let alone where she was.

However, the couple declined to speak on the record.

More to come.


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