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A Irishman living in our town’s French Quarter is pleased today after learning of fabled menswear shop Tarocash and the treasure trove of waistcoats that are available for purchase there at a reasonable cost.

Opposite Michael Hill Jewellers and adjacent to The Reject Shop, Tarocash was founding tenant of the Betoota Heights Stockland and has been serving the entry-level suit market in that part of town for nearly a decade.

From single-use suits to genuine leather loafers, Tarocash has it all. From birthdays to weddings to a nice suit to be buried or cremated in, the shop has you covered.

But it’s the waistcoats that have caught the imagination of Cork man Colm Tramore.

The 25-year-old civil construction worker explained to The Advocate that he was fresh from having his Caesar-style haircut touched up at JustCuts when he spied the tasteful waistcoats in the corner of his eye.

“I damn near fell over, I did,” he said.

“$90 for a charcoal grey waistcoat. That’s stunning value. Imagine the price when they were on sale. And that’s not all, you can buy a whole three-piece suit there for $200. That’s less than 10% of my tax home pay each week. I can have a hundred of them,”

“In fact, the lady in the shop said young men often get one just to wear once. They wear them to the races then instead of taking it to be dry cleaned, they just throw the suit in the bin or chuck it in the fireplace. I can get around that way of living,”

“This waistcoat is machine washable, too. The suit pants are machine washable. The lady even said I can machine wash the loafers, too. Just not the jacket. That has to be dry cleaned or folded up and jammed in a baby bottle sanitiser and put in the microwave. This tech hasn’t even caught on in Ireland yet and we’re a tech hub!”

Betoota is now facing a chronic shortage of waistcoats after Colm posted the Tarocash selections in the “Irish In Betoota” Facebook group, which has disappointed a number of young men planning to visit the ‘Cash before the Diamantina Stakes this weekend.

More to come.


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