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Singer Kamahl has indicated that he will now support the Yes vote at last weekend’s referendum to amend the constitution to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the original inhabitants of the Australian continent and form a basic advisory panel to consult only on issues that affect decisions that impact upon their way of life.

After weeks of flip flopping, Kamahl told The Advocate today that he will not be changing his mind now because each time he does change his mind, the unkind media tries to paint him as some sort of lunatic.

“I am going to vote yes and that is final,” he said.

“No more will I be sharing my opinions with you all. Because you can be so unkind. Whenever this vote is, I will be taken to a place to vote and I will vote. There is no more to it.”

The news comes after the Malaysian-Australian Elvis was blasted in the press for suggesting he may vote against the referendum. The resulting news coverage forced Kamahl’s manager to destroy the singer’s phone with a hammer as to make it impossible for him to share is opinion again.

However, Kamahl got in touch with The Advocate independent of his management in an effort to set the record straight.

“I don’t care about my Christmas record not doing well due to my political beliefs, I was big in the 90s. I have CD money. Do I look like David Campbell to you? Do you see me singing Jingle Bells with that contrarian David Kochie [sic] or whatever his name is? No,” he continued.

“You see me at places such as Betoota Workers or Rooty Hill RSL putting my all into the great American Songbook. Unchained Melody. Kokomo. Georgia On My Mind. Hotel California. I do Australian numbers, too,”

“For example, tonight, I’m doing an a capella rendition of Runway Houses City Clouds by Tame [Impala] with just my grandson on the theremin. I am no Christmas time bitch!”

More to come.


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