Following the dismissal of One Nation’s candidate for the Queensland seat of Bundamba in the upcoming state election – the leaders of One Nation have all made their way to the heartland of their party. Ipswich, QLD.

Dumped One Nation candidate Shan Ju Lin has hit out at the party’s hierarchy over her disendorsement as a candidate in the wake of inflammatory homophobic statements she made on social media.

Pauline Hanson says it is because of this one ‘bad egg’ that snuck through the extremely organised and superbly structured political party’s vetting process, that they have decided to host auditions for the candidacy of each Queensland seat.

“The Asian one was a bit harsh on the gays so we needed to give her the brush” she said.

“Now, we are doing full blown auditions”

“The last thing we want is the exact thing that happened in 1998 when we won eleven seats in Queensland, only to implode on ourselves because no one had any experience”

“I know it’s looking like it’ll happen again, but.. The Muslims!!!”

“Boats. Muslims. Halal. Sharia. Lefty. Boats. Muslims” she roared, in a successful attempt at changing the topic from her party’s obvious lack of professionals.

It is believed that the hopeful candidates will be asked to describe their ideal world, give an oath to Pauline Hanson and take part in a talent show.

Extra points will be awarded to anyone who can play Rose Tattoo on banjo.



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