9 January, 2017. 15:34

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A prominent Chardonnay socialist is being consoled by close pals this afternoon after former prime minister Paul Keating reportedly failed to recognise him in a Fitzroy cafe.

Charlie Pickering, the host of the popular ABC programme The Weekly With Charlie Pickering, retreated to his Collingwood loft around 3pm local time with a number of like-minded friends.

A statement was released a short time later to the growing media scrum on the footpath, which explained what had happened and called for privacy at this difficult time.

“This afternoon just after lunch, our dear friend Charlie ran into what he thought was an old friend, Mr Paul Keeting, in a bar/restaurant in Fitzroy. However, after slapping him on the back and saying hello, it became quite apparent that Keating had no idea who Charlie was,” said the statement.

“This has obviously caused Charlie a lot of pain and embarrassment, as Paul enjoy an almost God-like status among us private and tertiary-educated lefties. We ask that the media respect his privacy at this time and we’d also like the general public to continue not looking Charlie in the eye when you see him about town.”

Many of Pickering’s peers have reached out to the 39-year-old comedian, offering support and condolences. A ‘Diana-style-sea-of-flowers’ is also beginning to manifest itself outside his Collingwood address as well.

More to come.



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