13-years after Casey Donovan took out the second season of Australian Idol, the 28-year-old performer has taken on a new job that makes the most of her competitive edge. Illegal street racing.

In a new interview with the Daily Telegraph, Donovan revealed she’s picked up work as an illegal drag racer in the North-West NSW town of Tamworth, where she is racing for pink slips part-time to supplement her singing and acting commitments.

“I write music about my own experience and other people’s, so being on the street keeps me raw. I know at the end of the day, the hood still loves me” Donovan told the Daily Telegraph’s Jonathan Moran.

“At least while I’m behind the wheel”

Racing for pink slips: is a popular expression amongst autoracing criminals, used to describe the ultimate bet in terms of personal confidence in an illegal Street race or the like. Two racers put their cars on the line by offering their registration slips as winnings. The winner of the resulting race wins the opponents car for good. This is exhibited in some of the Fast and Furious movies.

Donovan, who has family in Tamworth and initially began her musical career busking there, says she happy to have made such a blatant shift from cutting records to cutting hoops.

“It’s good. I make good coin so I don’t really give a fuck ay”

When asked if she was worried about possibly having her car confiscated and facing jail time for her activities, Donovan claimed she was in no way worried about the repercussions and claimed that ”ail ain’t no thing”.

“You only do two days know how. That’s the day you go in and the day you come out” she said, while smoking a marijuana cigar.


  1. i would have thought the power-to-weight ratio would have worked against her but I am pleased to see the good results of the out placement agency.


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