A bloke who is obviously waiting for someone to meet him at the pub is half-heartedly blowing a fair bit of coin on a poker machine that he isn’t overly interested in, it has been confirmed.

While wearing relatively informal clothing, the bloke is also imitating the sounds of bombs dropping with his mouth.

“beeeeeewwww boooomm!!” he mumbles as he hits the gamble button with the bottom of his schooner after yet another 20 cent return of his $1.25 spins.

“Ahhh shit. That would have been a good one if I got another one of the puppy dogs” he says aloud.

While churning through a pineapple by blindly pressing the same button over and over, It has become quite apparent to most of the other punters in the room that he is not very across in specific cartoon frames on this particular machines.

Half-hearted stand-up pokie players have been a big issues for casinos and clubs around NSW and Victoria over the last few years, as many more untainted pub patrons begin using poker machines in the same way people used to use cigarettes to kill time.

“It’s just not very good. They take so long to get through a twenty dollar note because they gamble every single cent” says one predatory Clubs NSW gaming room guard.

“These machines could be put to good use under the finger of a true punter”

As for the half-hearted bloke currently riding 50 Lions, a text message from his mate alerts him that he doesn’t need to be playing on the machine anymore and he finishes the remaining 20 in 4 x $5 hits.

“Ahh shit” he says.

“That was at least dinner and eight schooners”




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