A group chat of over 20 members has been compromised, after one contributor threw a pathetic couple messages into what is usually a free-flowing conversation between social-media-addicted young adults.

Between screenshots of hot chicks from Instagram and non-stop updates on the odds from different online sports betting markets, a member of the group chat decided to ask if anyone was keen to play touch football with his girlfriend and her work colleagues.

“Oi” he said.

“Anyone want to fill in for my mixed touch team tonight at 6?”

His message was followed by close to three hours of complete silence, with not one vibration or notification until another member asked what everyone was doing on the weekend.

The conversation-killer, a 27-year-old construction development administrator by the name of Jack Scales, didn’t think it was that bad.

“Jesus” he told the Betoota Advocate.

“They went pretty cold on me”

This isn’t the first example of poor group chat etiquette making headlines, early last year a local coward made headlines after it was revealed that he had allowed his partner to read through his entire group chat history.

In response to the passive aggressive silence shown towards him, Jack says he was just using the Whatsapp group for what it’s for, communication.

Local mate, Ed, says he’s got rocks in his head if he thinks anyone is going to throw their hand up to fill in for him at mixed-touch so that he can go to the pub.

“He’s fucking delusional mate. He should get a stretch for this”

“I can’t remember who the admin, but Jack’s gotta go”


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