High school friend, and constant reminder that you’re not doing to bad for yourself, Jared Grossman, is ‘devastated’ you can’t make it to his gig, despite the fact you haven’t seen him in over two years.

“No way, devoooo :(“ Jared said, when you replied to his band’s gig with ‘Not attending’ despite the fact that you don’t really know what you’ll be doing that weekend, you’re just certain you won’t be doing that.

“I’ve given everyone plenty of notice,” Jared was quoted as saying “There should be no excuses. And it’s only $15 at the door.”

‘Not attending’ responses seem to be largely driven by the fact Jared has not made an effort to see people in recent years, unless it was to attend his own gig.

“Yeah we’ve stopped adding him the group chats,” an anonymous friend of Jared stated.

“Whenever we’d suggest something for the weekend he’d say ‘I’ve got a gig, you guys should come!’ and that would kill the conversation every time.”

“I’ve liked their Facebook page and listened to them on Spotify once or twice, what the hell else does he want from me?”

For Jared, this is not something he’s taking lightly, aggressively stressing that he is ‘literally devastated.’

“It’s like living through an apocalypse. What is the world coming to when your entire Facebook friends list doesn’t want to spend $15 and a Saturday evening watching their high school friend doing a metal cover of Tom Petty?”



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