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A Former Prime Minister is in hospital this morning after flicking through the Treasurer’s Federal Budget which has been dubbed ‘the mother of all political budgets’.

Bob Hawke was taken to Royal North Shore Private Hospital in Sydney’s leafy inheritance belt earlier this morning after taking in just what Scott Morrison’s May budget means for ordinary Australians.

Shortly before 6 this morning, Hawke was heard groaning and sighing heavily while he read an advance copy of the budget before complaining of chest tightness and general malaise.

Scott Morrison was blasted today by his former Liberal Party counterpart, Peter Costello, who said he should’ve never given Hawke a copy of the budget in his old age.

Costello spoke to The Advocate regarding the developments moments ago.

“I mean, what did he think would happen?” said Peter.

“Bob is widly–regarded, albiet foolishly, as being a true economic champion of the Australian people. A social one, maybe. Certainly not Mr 18% interest rates, he was an economic vandal compared to me. Scott will be playing squash with Paul the Apostle by the time these debts are paid off,”

“If you have a baby now, you might as well throw it in the creek because even they will be dead before this country is out of the can. I’ve even taken up a new hobby. I sit in my car out the front of maternity hospitals and I chastise people for reproducing as they’re walking out. We’re all going to burn in hell.”

The Advocate reached out to the Office of the Former Prime Minister for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

Scott Morrison’s office was also contacted for comment.

More to come.


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