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A mildly popular local grain trader has shared his touching journey to being taken seriously today after spending most of his early life being good at sport.

Sam Spencer-Brown played fly-half for the Whooton School 1st XV for two full seasons back in 2006 and it seemed nothing could stop his meteoric rise in popularity and future prospects.

However, after being rushed into Super Rugby at just 19-years-old from the prestigious Cambellwell College team at South Betoota Polytechnic, he suffered multiple injuries and had to focus on his studies.

“It was a really dark time for me,” he said.

“I went from being the most popular bloke in school to being just another university graduate with two fucked knees and an internship at Suncorp. Nobody really took me seriously after that,”

“So I made a change. Even though I don’t really need glasses, I got a pair because a reinvention was necessary for me to move onto the next phase of my life. I really happy with the results.”

The 31-year-old has noticed a huge change.

Friends and co-workers say he has the air of an academic and the blind confidence of someone who thinks they are.

“He’s taken this rebrand quiet seriously,” the friend said.

“Now he’s all serious and stoic. Like a wise old soul that’s read lots of books. He’s been reading The Barefoot Investor for the past four weeks. I can see right through those glasses.”



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