THE in-flight entertainment options on a domestic flight are limited to later seasons in obscure TV shows, it has been confirmed.

Passengers can choose between low quality airline content or movies that were advertised a lot but critically panned – with the option wide open to begin watching a new TV show, that you’ve never heard of but has apparently been around for a while, from the fifth season.

Local passenger, Sarah (33), says she’d never heard of Brooklyn 99 with Andy Sandberg – until today.

“I just thought, hey why not start a new TV show from episode 55”

“it’s not what you usually do, but I just figured if this is the only option available then it must be the best”

“Anyway it turns out you need miss out on some crucial character developments, but I laughed at the slapstick stuff.”

“It was just really tough to watch it all the way to Perth from Brisbane”


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