As any journo will tell you at a seconds notice: “The news never stops.”

But for the reporters at the Daily Telegraph, it did today.

Not a single shooting occurred in Sydney’s western suburbs.  No gang related violence to speak of. No exciting terrorism raids. Nothing.

While significant events may have occurred in the nation’s capital, or a tip off about corruption in state politics could have been chased up, the high flying adrenaline junkies at ‘the Tele’ spent the day aimlessly milling around waiting around for some seedy underworld interaction to manifest itself.

Reports are that the journo’s at the biggest paper in Sydney began frantically searching for a story towards the end of the day, with anything that included the words ‘of Middle Eastern Appearance’ the sought after commodity.

If nothing comes up, it’s believed some rugby league scandal will have to suffice for tomorrow’s front page.

The Advocate contacted Fairfax for comment but the phones were eventually answered by someone at Domain who told us to piss off unless we were interested in paying one million dollars for 80 square metres in the now sterile Kings Cross.


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