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There was a time when Tom Carter-Greenpoint’s name would strike fear into the hearts of all the other boys at his exclusive Betoota Grove private school – but that time is long gone.

It was over a decade ago, 2006 to be exact.

Then 16 and three quarters, Tom and his closest friends used to trade their neckties and black RMs they wear to school each day for an Ecko hoodie and a well-worn pair of Air Maxes.

The classic novels and advanced math books were thrown from their backpacks and were replaced with tin after tin of Ironlak – they were ready for the night.

The Advocate reported on the rising graffiti damage done to properties that summer but it’s not until now that the mischievous Libra has decided to come forward.

“I was a different person back then,” he said.

“I was so bored at night, I just needed to get out of the house. So rather than playing mixed touch with the St Augustines boarders at night, my and two of my best beds would go out and paint our tags on fences around the neighbourhood,”

“It was fun, though. We did a huge panel on a wheat train with these real G’s from Betoota Ponds Sports High. That was sick. I got arrested once and told the police man to go fuck himself. That was a rush. It was a rush until he up-ended me with his baton! Ah well. Oh to be young again.”

Tom Carter-Greenpoint’s memoirs entitled ‘I Used To Be Bad, Now I’m Just Naughty’ are about to be published on on May 12.

Access to the 32-page tell-all start at $2.99

More to come.


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