For 63-year-old Dennis Costello, the idea of a cab driver simply being from ‘The Goldie’ is a bit unrealistic.

Upon getting into the cab one the way from the airport this arvo, the semi-retired aviation maintenance consultant from Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs was quick to notice the slight accent, as well as the noticeably not white skin of his driver.

“Where are you from, mate?” asks Dennis.

“The Goldie” says his cab driver, Tony.

“Actually just North of the Gold Coast, more Coomera, you know where that is”

Dennis, noticeably not satisfied with Tony’s answer is quick to avoid talking about where his driver thinks he’s from, and focus on where he is really from.

“Yeah, I know Coomera. How long have you been living there?”

“But that’s not where are you REALLY from, right?”

“Where’d you come from?”

Tony, who isn’t really sure why the fuck this old cunt is so keen on asking him these kinds of personal questions, makes a point of not gratifying him by saying he isn’t from Australia.

“Ummm” he says.

“Well I used to live in Salisbury”

“You know where that is?”

Dennis, still not content with the answer, tries to keep it up for a bit longer, but is cut off by Tony asking him what part of England he is from.


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