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Some accuse Gilbert Speers of enrolling in a Bachelor Of Business Studies out of spite – just to make sure another young person didn’t get the spot in the course.

Others say the slow expansion of the 67-year-old jam and preserve business warrants further tertiary study.

But if you ask Gil himself, it’s about keeping his mind active.

Enroling in the three-year course at South Betoota Polytechnic College earlier this year, Speers took little time to defend his position at the illustrious business school.

“I’m just as entitled to be here as anyone else,” he said.

“You see, I’ve been retired for so long now. Almost 25 years and there’s only so many hands of bridge you play before you long for something else,”

“So I thought I’d go back to university. Christ, it’s expensive these days! Back when I was here in the 70s, it was basically free. Anyway, got to find ways to spend the kid’s inheritance! I’d rather die on the cold wet tiles in my bathroom than see some young family move buy my house. Anyway, it’s good to get my brain working again.”

Gil also highlighted that the degree could also give him the keys to reenter the workforce later on – should he be sufficiently bored with his life.

“That’d be grand,” he said.

“The sad thing is that I’ve got so much knowledge up in this head of mine that I want to share with younger generations. I can do that in the workforce but not right now. I don’t want to give them an unfair advantage over me in the exams!”

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