As reported earlier today, prominent Victorian horse trainer Robert Smerdon has been banned for life for the “systematic doping” of more than 100 race horses.

But despite the lengthy investigation, many people are saying a simply look at Smerdon’s elite Victorian ‘hustler’ fashion sense would have been a much quicker way of identifying who was behind this scandal.

Racing commentators say the 1930’s themed panama hats brown suits could have given him away much earlier if everyone just opened their eyes. What do you think?

Here’s 7 photos of Robert Smerdon looking exactly like the type of bloke who systematically dopes racehorses.



After being identified as ‘the top’ of a highly organised system of doping-related corruption, Racing Victoria described the scheme as the darkest chapter in Australian racing and asked Victoria’s Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board to fine him $100,000.


The board reserved its decision for 10 days in order to take financial submissions.


It found eight people — including trainers and stablehands — were guilty of dishonest, corrupt, fraudulent, improper or dishonourable practice for their involvement in the administration of alkalinising agents or medications to horses on race day.


What do you reckon?


Reckon this bloke looks like he’s innocent?


The peaky blinder hat with the matching blue overcoat is a bit how ya going, don’t ya reckon?


Maybe not, but he’s been found guilty, so either way, this is how people that dope racehorses dress, apparently.



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