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Dave Spalding (36) said the decision to join the City2Surf, this year just made sense.

The finance analyst, who sees himself as a bit of a local legend, registered for the big race after a light bulb moment when he was out one night.

“Mate, I realised that I’ve actually done the course more times than I can remember,” he said today whilst laughing by himself.

The casual Subbies Rugby player explained that he has trekked back home to his Bondi rental from the city on many a night out.

“Yeah one night after the lock outs started, I just got real sick of waiting for a cab so I just walked home. It’s a decent distance hey; I reckon I went down at least half a notch in the old belt buckle after those nights.”

He told The Advocate that if he can do it after a night on the town then surely, it will be a walk in the park at 9am.

Spalding confirmed that he won’t be stopping in at the kebab shop on the way when he takes part in the race: “Yeah bit of a shame, I was hoping they would open early for the occasion, but I hear they have food, massages and a live band at the end in that Westpac Red Zone, so it should be a good time.”

Asked whether he had started training for the race, he told The Advocate that all his early morning walks home would set him in good stead, “I’ve got plenty of ticker mate. Don’t you worry about that. I played 3rd XV at school, hey.”


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