A local scallywag who is well known for catching the eye of the authorities must have really fucked up this time.

Witnesses say that the bloke in question, Harisyn Kambouris (30) was looking especially flash at his most recent appearance at the district court.

“This is either high-range or assault” says Brodie, an acquaintance of Harisyn’s from junior football days, who is appearing before the judge for a low range himself.

“Fuck me, he might’ve done worse than that, though”

“Look at the haircut”

With a thin black tie and chesty black dress shirt, Harisyn would look more at place at general admission at Flemington, unfortunately the current circumstances are much more serious than a simple day at the races.

“He’s rocking the Tarocash” whispers one state prosecutor in the courtroom.

“His lawyer has told him to do that”

Over the course of the afternoon it was revealed that Harisyn was one of the blokes involved in the punch on outside the Betoota RSL on the bank holiday. He says he wasn’t really that good of mates with the blokes he was with, but he can’t stand seeing someone put the slipper into another bloke on the ground.

In his third appearance before the same judge, Harisyn has been not guilty of aggravated assault and urged to continue his work as a storeroom supervisor for Diamantina Supplements Plus.

Harisyn had taken his tie off before even leaving the government building.



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