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The unsinkable Barnaby Joyce has defended comments he made about his boss Prime Minister Scott Morrison today, telling reporters that it’s unAustralian to not think that your boss is the “dumbest cunt God’s ever put breath into” and “stupid fucken galah”.

Mr Joyce, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Commonwealth, made comments about Scott Morrison’s personal character and integrity in a number of leaked text messages that were made public last night.

The messages were sent from a third party’s telephone to Brittany Higgins and in those messages, Barnaby said Scott was a “liar” and a “hypocrite”.

He’s since apologised for the messages and Mr Morrison simply nodded in pensive thanks, according to sources.

However, the Member for New England has come out swinging this morning as he told The Advocate that while he apologised for the comments to Scott Morrison, he stands by them.

“Look, I’m just telling it like it is, I have no filter,” he said.

“But look, I do reckon that ScoMo is a fucken galah. I still don’t know if he’s a calculated bully who’s got everyone bent over a barrel or just a simple bloke looking into his porridge every morning hoping it’ll tell him what to do,”

“But look, hey look at me! One good thing to come from this, all those fucken happy clappers in this bloke’s cabinet, they’re all tied to the same mast. So when this ship goes down, I might be able to link up with a cluey country boy like Angus Taylor, who for a Road [sic] Scholar is a bit of a goose but he’ll come good, trust me,”

“I mean, I thought Malcolm was a fuckwit and everyone knows that. But that bloke was no good for politics, I tell you what. He was the smartest cunt in the room most of the time, I’ll give him that, but the House of Representatives is not Goldman Sachs. You can’t just sack some cunt for being a dough-banging chode with runny cat shit between his ears in Parliament like you can at an investment bank,”

“So yeah. Sorry not sorry, Scott, you fucken spanner.”

More to come.


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