The Arnotts Tim Tam has been a staple of Australian pantries since their development in the early 1960’s – But it won’t be long before the original Tim Tam is phased out of production, an Arnott’s spokesperson has revealed.

In a Darwinian-inspired move, Arnotts have announced that all Original Tim Tams will be replaced with Double Coat variety, which features an external layer of chocolate that is twice as thick.

“It’s natural selection”, Roger Arnott has reported.

“In any population there are individuals with traits that are more desirable. Eventually, the less desirable individuals are bred out to extinction.

“We really should have just done the double-coat from the start. It’s so good aye”

The CSIRO are currently collecting data on the Australian publics opinion on this move, with early figures suggesting that the replacement of Original Tim Tams is being met with near-unanimous support.


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