6 February, 2015. 17:21

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A RARE SUMATRAN tiger has escaped from its transport enclosure after a truck accident in Tasmania.

A rare Sumatran Tiger is on the loose in central Tasmania. PHOTO: National Geographic
A Sumatran Tiger is on the loose in central Tasmania. PHOTO: National Geographic

The truck rolled over in wet conditions about 10km south of Deloraine, in the north-central region of the island state.

Residents of the sleepy hamlet in north-central Tasmania have been warned to stay indoors until the all clear is given by police.

Local farmers have tracked the animal as it continues south down the Meander River towards The Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

A response team is now en route from Anglesea Barracks in Hobart, which consists of specialist troops from The Royal Tasmania Regiment and air support from Tasmania Police.

The Royal Tasmania Regiment, made up of mostly reserve troops, is on the front line in the search for the elusive tiger. PHOTO: Instagram.
The Royal Tasmania Regiment, made up of mostly reserve troops, is on the front line in the search for the elusive tiger. PHOTO: Instagram.

The giant feline was set to the latest drawcard for Tasmania Zoo in Launceston.

Director of Tasmania Zoo, David Spearman said that he hopes for the best outcome.

“Hopefully, we’ll recover the tiger unharmed,” said Mr Spearman.

“I have full confidence in the military and police to do the best job they can,”

“It was very expensive and I’m not sure whether this will be covered by insurance.” he said.

However, animal activists and conservationists have called for the authorities to stop the search.

Greens candidate for Lyons, Pip Brinklow said in Davenport this afternoon that she doesn’t anybody to interfere with the tiger.

“We’ve had tigers in Tasmania in the past,” said Brinklow.

“The tiger is in a habitat that’s very similar to Sumatra – we should leave it there,”

“Should I win the next election, I will protect the tiger.” she said.

With additional reporting from AAP.


  1. Pip brinklow….have you gone mental?? There is a very large difference between TASMANIAN tigers and SUMATRAN tiger you idiot. It is not in a habitat similar to sumatra. It needs to be captured to prevent any harm coming to residents. Please, shut up and crawl back in the hole you came out of, you stupid greenie.

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing as you said Stuart, some people are completely off their rockers.
      Just let it run free to gobble up a few of our children and perhaps a few elderly any one of our vulnerable would be on its menu.

  2. We are holidaying in the Central Highlands and have not heard of any Tiger escapes on local news so why is this.

    If it was true I am sure there would be news on all stations and warnings.

    This has just set off all the dumb clucks in the area heading off to the hills to shoot it.

  3. Well I hope they find it and capture it but without harming it. It shouldn’t be going to the Tasmanian Zoo in the first place, if they must be protected in captivity, let it be in a Sanctuary. As for Pip Brinklow saying there have been tigers in Tasmania before, grow up girl, I know which one I would rather face.

  4. Comments like that Pip Brinklow is the exact reason I would never vote green again, regardless of the Tigers safety, how about our delicate Eco system that I’m sure would not handle a Samartran Tiger helping its self, not to mention the risk to the public! Go away!

  5. As a green voter, I can comfortably say that leaving the tiger there is ridiculously stupid. Think of how many native animals will be killed and eaten as a result of an animal being unnecessarily brought to Tasmania. It’s irrational things like This that turn people off the greens

  6. Tom Ellison you are a compleate dickhead
    Why write this ???
    Oh that’s right its because you are a desperate a sad sorry excuse for a man

  7. Oh look, a tiger in Tasmania… Or a Tasmanian tiger?!?! All that funding that goes into trying to find the lost Tasmanian tiger should out their efforts towards this!!!

  8. I have seen this article through Facebook, please post to let us all know that he has been found safe and sound.
    Thanks, a tiger lover.

  9. Strangely no one including Tasmania Police know anything about this story. And by the way, there is no such place as Davenport!

  10. One could only hope that this story was a hoax.. I honestly think that the Greens candidate needs to engage her brain before speaking.. Yes Tasmania needs a Sumatran tiger on the loose!! Oh really… Gee should Pip Brinklow win, maybe she will organise said Tiger to have a breeding partner as well?

  11. That greeny must have air in her head, have you ever heard a remark like that, so ridiculous the mind boggles, if it comes into her yard is she going to call out pussy pussy i doubt it,

  12. This story is rubbish and has been reported to Media Watch on the ABC, Local Police no nothing, army no nothing and you only need to look at the Newspapers own emblem that is a lyrebird and Betoota is just an outback town in Queensland full of alcoholics and uneducated fools? You could only get an article like this from Queensland.

  13. Those army pricks better catch sylvester real quick. I know it’s Tasmania, but it’s still summer & we have girls in bikinis on our beaches here.
    With so much uncovered meat on display, its only a matter of time before this becomes a human tragedy.
    Those things are known to be rather agressive. Is Red Adair available to help? Or perhaps Prince Sir Phillip?

  14. I don’t think the story is true. Maybe the army are doing an exercise and using the scenario described in the story?
    I was taken aback by the comment about Queensland and Queensanders? Although I am not a Queenslander – I will forever be a a Tasmanian – I now live here and love where I live. There maybe some truth to some of what you said, but once written and published things can never be changed!
    Something we should all heed and remember……..

  15. I’m really disappointed by the negativity being expressed here and the hatred being levelled at the greens. You people keep criticising the greens for being anti-everything and here they are promoting something and you’re criticising them again! How hypocritical. Think about the tourism potential. Seeing tigers in the Tasmanin highlands will be an added bonus to all of this cycle tourists that are coming… I just hope that they can pedal fast.


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