6 July, 2016. 16:45

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AS AUSTRALIA’S FAVOURITE SON in the upper house prepares to leave Canberra after failing to be reelected, Ricky Muir has revealed plans to “hang the arse out” around a Canberra roundabout one last time.

The 35-year-old is well known around the bush capital for being a bit of a mad dog behind the wheel, with nearly all of the black snakes around town being attributed to the motoring enthusiast.

“It’s how I blow off steam,” he said.

“Get in the car and find a roundabout to slide around on. Hang me bum out and give ‘er a boot full, mate. That’s what I do,”

“Once Bill Heffernan and I got a few in us and went and keybanged the bitch out the front of the US Embassy. That nearly got us bloody shot. Anyway, good memories but.”

The Canberranese townsfolk will miss the cries of “Send it, Ricky!” and “Giv’ ‘er some gas, moite” that usually accompany the retiring senator as he heads out for an evening hoon.

Brett Shenal operates the Bob Jane T-Mart in the northern suburb of Lyneham and he says he’ll miss seeing Ricky around town – but he’ll especially miss him spending upwards of $470 a day on tyres.

“He’d be every four or five days, usually,” he said.

“The rear tyres would be balder than those on a Bangkok tuk-tuk.”

From all of us here at The Betoota Advocate, we wish you the best of luck in your life after politics and thank you for your service to the country.

Below is Ricky Muir’s inaugural peel out around a Morshed Dr roundabout near Duntroon from 2012.


  1. Thats hectic. I knew he was laying em down round town in the middle. Trademark rick circles in the middle of intersections at 4am on Sunday morning.


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