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Local Betoota Blackfella, Ian Fischer (28) says he still hasn’t forgotten the things Pauline Hanson said him in the late nineties.

“Yeah she’s not too popular with our mob,” he says while pouring Holbrooks BBQ sauce and Saxa salt over a bully beef stir fry in his corrugated iron roofed back block.

“She made life pretty hard for us when she first popped that red head up,”

During her maiden speech to Parliament in 1996, Pauline Hanson claimed that Aboriginal people were simply making up the statistics that suggested they had shorter life expectancy, higher rates of infant mortality, poorer health, and lower levels of education and employment I am fed up to the back teeth with the [assumption] that Aboriginals are the most disadvantaged people in Australia” she said.

Above: Pauline Hanson became the first person to wear an Australian flag as a cape outside of the sporting arena. 

Mr Fischer, who claims a proud background Murri ancestry says that Pauline Hanson’s comments surrounding the fabricated disadvantage – as well as cannibalism – in the contemporary Aboriginal Australian community, was ‘just about the most racist phase of Australian politics’ he had ever experienced, which leads him to wonder ‘how the fuck’ she just got voted in to the Senate.

“When I was 11 years old, she had every single racist in this country accusing of me of pretending to be Indigenous just so I could steal money from taxpayers… What the fuck?

“Wasn’t she the one who was jailed for stealing from taxpayers?”

Above: Pauline Hanson, who also hates Muslims, poses with Nauru Detention centre guards at a Reclaim Australia rally

In a 60 minutes interview in 1996, Hanson also took a shot at the Aboriginal population’s claim as the first people in Australia. “This is my land and I was born here and I don’t know any other place that is home. I belong here as much as what you do, now just because you’re an Aboriginal is a weak excuse” she said.

Mr Fischer says comments like this make it hard to tell what Pauline Hanson’s exact issue is with Aboriginal people, other than their black skin and intergenerational trauma.

“It’s a very bold argument for her to claim Aboriginality because she was ‘born here’… Especially when she has previously called for a ban on the Aboriginal flag…”

“I don’t think being born in a rented fibro house in Ipswich really compares with 60,000 years of continuos occupation of this continent, but that’s just me.”

“How many Murris do you know who would willingly dye their hair red? Fuck all. Unless they are putting a bit of yellow and black in there as well,”

“In fact the only thing she has in common with me is that we both probably have an Uncle who enjoys getting on the cans and singing Slim Dusty.”

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  1. Relieved that this website is following the expert advice, published recently by a noted journalist, not to lampoon Ms Hanson.

  2. Yea i wouldnt mind hearin from that little murrie that she slapped in the face in Ipswich. Let her try and slap him now.


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