6 March, 2016. 11:15


Jack McBrayer of Greenslopes was today walked from his Corporate Communications job with the Queensland Brewer’s Union for discriminatory behaviour towards women.

The immediate dismissal came after McBrayer accidentally reacted with “Haha” to his colleague, Suri Kidman’s Facebook status – one that was appealing for her friendship base to end the stigman surrounding victims of sexual assault.

Dismissed McBrayer swears he had meant to react with an angry or sad face to Kidman’s rant, but he was so torn between the two that he hovered for too long, and when his boss suddenly appeared behind his desk, he quickly Alt-Tabbed to another screen.

“I must have accidentally pressed “Haha” and then forgot about it.” He sighed.

“I’m actually all behind Suri’s cause.” McBrayer insisted.

“If you go back 16 weeks in my Instagram feed, you’ll see that I have posted a photo of me with my sister with the hashtag #heforshe.”

“And I’ve always been very vocal about the fact that I thought Hermione was the most important character in the Harry Potter series,”

But McBrayer’s protests will not get him his job back with the QBU.

When asked about McBrayer’s dismissal, his former boss Jeff Kunst had this to say, “To be honest I don’t really give a fuck about this pro-feminist bullshit. In my mind, McBrayer was a fucking no-hoper who finally gave me enough reason to brush him,”

“These stupid Gen-Y’s and their Facebook bullshit,”

“If your having trouble deciding whether or not you want to laugh or cry, then maybe social media isn’t that social.”



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