3 April, 2015. 13:28

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A GOOD FRIDAY barbecue has turned sour for one Mudgee male after police discovered him barbecuing a platypus in Lawson Park, on the banks of the Cudgegong River.

Local latchkey youth David “Wingnut” Davidson, was fishing in the famous river when he hooked the endangered monotreme and reeled it in.

Lawson Park in Mudgee is usually an idyllic autumn picnic spot. PHOTO: VisitMudgee.co.nz
Lawson Park in Mudgee is usually an idyllic autumn picnic spot. PHOTO: VisitMudgee.co.nz

Rather than throw the platypus back, police allege Mr Davidson killed the freshwater mammal and proceeded to gut and fillet the protected animal in front of shocked parkgoers.

When police arrived shortly after 1pm, Davidson was immediately arrested and changed with a string of animal cruelty, fishing and public nuisance offences.

The accused platypus eater says that the only reason why he chose to devour the animal was because “it’s a Good Friday friendly aquatic meat”.

In a brief statement made to police, Mr Davidson said he was unaware that platypuses were protected under federal law.

“I wanted to see what it [platypus] tasted like,” said Davidson.

“The opportunity presented itself so I knocked it over the head and opened it up,”

“I’m unsure if platypus is a red meat, because it comes out of the river – they make no reference about them in the bible.”

Davidson is due to appear at Mudgee Local Court later this month.

With additional reporting from The Mudgee Guardian. 



  1. I pulled up a yabee trap one morning from Lake Pedder before it was flooded by that friggin dam. No yabees but it did have a drowned platapus in it.
    Rather than waste it we baked it in the camp oven.
    Delicious braised in its own juices with a sprinkling of rosemary.
    Tasted a bit like a cross between a dolphin and a koala.


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