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A local woman who has been grappling with finding a revealing Halloween that isn’t ‘cliche’ has this week found the perfect solution to her conundrum, by opting for a pop culture reference with a slutty twist!

Abigail Petersham, 26, tells The Advocate that she’d secretly love to just dress up like a nurse or a cat, but that it just wouldn’t fit her cool girl persona to go for something really obvious. Hence why she’s whittled her costumes down to a series of strong female characters who also happen to be very attractive.

“Okay so I was originally thinking of being the nurse from Blink 182 or the nurse from Promising Young Woman”, says Abigail, who evidently really wants to dress like a nurse, “but I thought those costumes might be too niche.”

“I was thinking of doing another Tarantino character as I did Mia Wallace last year”, she explained, “but I couldn’t be fucked shilling out $120 for the Kill Bill jumpsuit.”

“I prefer costumes that I can recycle.”

Showing our reporter some of the images she’d saved, which include a sexy Jigsaw and Leeloo from The Fifth Element, Abigail reveals she finally landed on what she considers the perfect mix of cute and sexy – Velma from Scooby Doo.

“I’m definitely going to pull wearing this.”

More to come.


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