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A local woman has found herself trying, and failing, to explains the nuances of text messages to her boyfriend Ben, who’s evidently no where nearly as sensitive as she is at picking up potential shifts in tone.

Marley Henderson, a self confessed anxiety girlie, has tried to train Ben to stop texting as though he’s compiling work minutes for a meeting, and to show the occasional bit of emotion

This all stemmed from Ben yet again sending a very short, curt message, which Marley has tried to explain comes across as ‘a bit aggressive’ – and would it kill him to use a fucking emoji every now and then?

“How is a full stop aggressive?”, asked Ben, looking genuinely bewildered, “it’s a full stop!?”

Marley explains that she’s knows it’s a bit weird, but the lack of warmth in the messages always makes her wonder if he’s got the shits with her.

“I can’t pick up on your facial cues when I’m communicating through text”, Marley continues, “so short sentences with full stops just makes it seem like you’re mad at me.”

“But I’m not mad at you”, Ben said back, still puzzled.

“Well I don’t really know that because if I WAS mad at someone, I’d text them the way you do normally.”

“Why wouldn’t you just call them if you were angry?”

“Fuck sake Ben, just stop texting like a robot.”

More to come.


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