A white-collar man on the cusp of turning 30 has found himself at a crossroads, torn between the exhilarating challenge of bouldering and the technological miracle of piloting his very own drone.

Mark Thompson (29), a spreadsheet specialist, office drone and overall inoffensive guy, is grappling with a decision that could define his leisure activities well into his third decade. Will he embrace the rugged athleticism of bouldering or the somewhat entertaining feeling of controlling a plastic object flying in the sky.

“It’s come to that point I guess, time to choose the path I’m walking down. It’s come so fast, I still don’t know what route to take” Mark said as he reflected on a decade of mediocrity. 

“A lot of the guys at the office say it’s a great way to stay in shape now that I’ve entered level 3, I’ve never really been a team sports guy so I feel like it would be a perfect fit.”

“I must say though, with a drone I can record cool shit and post it online, It’s a lot harder to let people know I’m bouldering. So there’s that.”

Friends and colleagues are on the edge of their office chairs, eagerly awaiting Mark’s decision. Sarah Williams, a fellow cubicle inhabitant , expressed her feelings to the Advocate.

 “It’s a pivotal moment. As a man, he only has two choices, they will define the next decade for him so It’s a really big move.”

As the pressure mounts and Mark’s birthday looms above, the world watches with eagerness. Will he ascend to the heights of nerdy white-collar bouldering, or will he be one of those dudes that goes to busy parks on his own to fly his drone?


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