There’s a lot to celebrate for a Betoota youth today, as the lucky little birthday boy gets another year closer to taking advantage of this country’s pretty lax gambling laws.

At six years old today, birthday boy Danny Ghundi (6) is already a lover of team sports and dogs, although less so racing dogs and more Bluey and Paw Patrol. 

As an ‘only grandchild’ Ghundi was gifted every piece of merchandise branded with his favourite cartoon dogs, however, being a year closer to punting on a physical dog is surely the young Aussie’s favourite gift this year.

At the time of writing, Ghundi is officially only one third of the way towards blowing all his years worth of birthday money on a single bet or slap with self exclusion the thinnest of shields to protect him from the gambling ad gauntlet that anyone who watches sport has to sit through.

“We don’t target advertising to children, just adults with a child’s sense of humour,” stated a spokesperson for betting app CookOdds, the only gambling app that lets you bet on which sports pundit will say the most cooked thing next.

“And the gambling laws aren’t lax in this country, clearly you know nothing about this strict regulation that means we have to put an anti-gambling message at the end of every single ad, even when we pay for four in a row.”

Luckily for young Ghundi, an increasing number of politicians are enjoying long lunches with gambling lobbyists which hopefully means he’ll be able to get up in an even looser betting climate than the one he’s grown up with.



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