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A local trader has spoken of the horror this morning that has befallen him personally, professionally and financially.

Had he been working diligently last week, with his ear to the ground, he would’ve been somewhat prepared. But today, Miles Pichot was caught unawares and a typically easy day at work has now turned into one from hell.

From the moment he sat down in his cubical at J.R. & Partners, a boutique yet bespoke private asset management firm in the town’s Old City District, he’s been fielding phone calls from clients concerned about their wealth.

It wouldn’t be that bad normally for the 26-year-old, there’s been plenty of falls and tumbles before – but this Tuesday is especially difficult as the portfolio manager did a small smorgasbord of illicit drugs over the weekend and now he is going through the withdrawals.

In between reassuring ageing white men that their nest egg is still safe, he spoke to our reporter about the perils of the AM hours today.

“Yeah, but nah. I’f be buying today if I didn’t blow all my money on the weekend,” he said.

“Markets go up and down all the time, whatever. But yeah, had a big weekend and I really don’t feel up to it all today. These blokes ringing up are all worried about their portfolios going down 5%. I wish was that was all I had to worry about,”

“Everything will be fine. Sometimes you just have to let some blood. Like if it was 1534 and you had the flu. Just let the blood out.”

The Advocate reached out to Pichot’s boss for comment but he hadn’t returned from a client brunch.

More to come.




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