A local woman wearing a Julia Stone-style floppy felt hat, is ready to ‘do Melbourne’ – it has been confirmed.

After spending two months in Europe just over eighteen months ago, Dana Ringelstein (22) says she can’t bare the thought of spending another year in her ‘small little hometown’ of one million people.

However, despite her outspoken love of ‘Melbourne culture’ and Courtney Barnett – it appears that Dana is not 100% committed to the move, just yet.

The 22-year-old media graduate says that she’s just ‘applying for jobs down there at the moment’ – from the comfort of her childhood bedroom in her parent’s home – over 1000 kilometres away from her dream terrace house in Fitzroy.

Dana’s dad, Roy says he’s very supportive of his daughter’s decision to move down south and soak in some culture, however, he doesn’t think applying for mid-to-high level marketing jobs online is the first step to changing cities.

“She’s probably going to have to save a bit of money and work cash jobs in bars before she really finds a proper gig” says Roy.

“She just seems to think everyone in Melbourne is on 100k a year for doing nothing but hang out in graffiti-covered alleyways drinking coffee all day”

“She’d probably have been able to buy a bus fare down there if she didn’t buy that fucking hat for $350 dollars”

Dana says her dad doesn’t understand how it works these days.

“I just need to get a job first. The whole moving and finding a house thing can come later”

“Melbourne is way more chilled like that”

“It’s a bit like Berlin… Which is why I’m moving there. It was either Melbourne or Berlin”

“Melbourne for now”


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