11 Avril, 2017. 16:02

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Following his dreams into tax accountancy, a fresh university graduate from East Betoota started his first job this morning at J & R Sons Chartered Accountants on Darro Street.

Blake Condell was shown to his cubical by the office manager, who said the boss would be along shortly to greet and welcome him personally.

“I’m happy as a pig in shit,” said the 23-year-old.

“Can’t wait to get a start, really crunch some numbers and save our clients from the jaws of the Taxation Office. It will be a serious pissa.”

However, Mr Condell is yet to realise that as a rural tax specialist, this is as good as it’s going to get – in terms of a workspace.

Unbeknown to the hapless Libra, he will be sitting in a cubical with a computer in front of him until he’s hospitalised at age 69 with chest pains in the year 2063, where he will die a short time later.

“That’s an accurate assessment of what he can expect from life,” said J & R Sons senior partner Mike Wolsoley.

“While he’ll probably marry up in the next ten years, squeeze a few kids out between stints and night school and what not. Then he’ll just enjoy three to four decades of the same thing every day. Get up, get on the bus, work all day, punch out, go home, watch My Kitchen Rules, brush his teeth and do it all again the next day.”

More to come.


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