While attempting to enjoy the first birthday that really stings you in the ribs, the freshly 17 Bradley Booth was forced to deal with something known as ‘cash’ after receiving a birthday card from his nanna. 

After being not at all comforted by the message on the card that stated he is ‘The World’s Coolest Grandson,’ Bradley opened his card and was greeted by the once familiar flutter of a 20 dollar note.

“Is this a joke present?” Bradley asked our reportering team once his grandma was two foot away and completely out of earshot.

“WTF? I asked for money, not this shit!”

Although once an exhilarating sight for a young man, in 2022 cash is mostly used as a cocaine ingestion assistor or in this case a present from a grandparent who means well but cannot for the life of them keep up to date with whatever new thing their grandkids are into.

Despite friends and family unanagreeing Bradley is a little shit who is carrying on like a porkchop, Bradley’s nanna Beth Booth (7o) offered to take Bradley to the bank to deposit the money in the hope that would smooth things over.

“Or perhaps I can get you a scratchie next time instead?”



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