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A local woman has foregone her birth name today after the woman she introduced herself to misheard her name and found herself too awkward to correct the mistake.

The former Millie Lenehan is what’s classified as an introvert, so speaking out and correcting a stranger is the last thing she wants to do.

The Advocate caught up with Millie to meet her new identity and to see whether or not she has any intention of ever correcting the woman.

“I tried to correct her actually, but she mustn’t have heard me”

“So, I guess I am Mary now”

“Mary Lenehan, I sound about 100 years old”

It’s believed that many people find themselves in a similar situation to Millie, opting to avoid the confrontation and instead accepting that they now live a double life.

“It’s just too awkward, you have a tiny window where you can correct someone but after you’ve been chatting with them for 10 minutes you’re just too far gone”

Millie was alerted to the acquaintance’s misunderstanding of her name when she was reintroduced to another person as Mary.

“And I couldn’t correct that person because then the other woman would have known she got it wrong”

“It’s all too much, it’s easier if I just be Mary from now on”

More to come.


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