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A local woman has copped some unsolicited comments about her body today, and not from a bloke this time.

It’s alleged that Kaia Hughes  was visiting her grandparents one afternoon in their stupidly oversized house when she found himself getting stuck into some homemade sandwiches and her nan’s sugar free, tasteless blueberry muffins, updating her family on all the things going on in her life – from her job, her friends and if she had a partner (the answer was no.)

Of course, any visit to your family can’t be done without hearing some kind of insult or backhanded compliment, which Kaia had attempted to prepare herself for. Whether it was her mum commenting on her hair, her grandad saying she looked more womanly or her nan saying something about her ageing process/weight – sometimes a combination of the two, if she stuck around long enough.

It’s reported that Kaia managed to make it twenty five minutes in before her nan broke the barrier, by providing an insight into her past – and her absolutely to die for figure, apparently.

Kaia had simply gotten up to grab a glass of water when her nan mentioned how much she liked her dress and how nice it was to see her granddaughter dressed up more ‘girly.’  This was then preceded by thinly veiled insults, which was then corroborated by her grandfather.

“Such a lovely dress Kaia, you should wear clothes like that more often.”

“I used to wear dresses like that, though I had a smaller waistline.”

“I think I’ve only recently gone out one dress size in the past ten years, which isn’t bad for a 68 year old!”

Adding his two cents, Kaia’s grandad states that she was quite the looker back in the day and that every bloke in the village wanted to date her.

“But she chose me, isn’t that right Deb?”

More to come.


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