No stranger to the pain of a needle and some ink, a local girl has today found herself dreading something even more painful than an hour of a sharp needle dragging through her raw flesh, tattoo small talk.

Local French Quarter girl Georgia Rose (24) was excited to see that one of her favourite tattoo artists was in town and open for bookings, it was an opportunity she had to jump on.

“I’m actually obsessed with his stuff, he works out of Melbourne so it’s honestly just a really good opportunity to get something off him”.

Georgia, a self proclaimed introvert, admits that she didn’t really consider that getting a tattoo off someone that isn’t her friend for once might come with actual stranger interaction. 

“Yeah don’t get me wrong, I was really excited for the tattoo but as the date got closer I just couldn’t stop thinking about the awkward small talk, like what do I say? I’ve got to be with the girl for an hour, do I just not talk? Is that weird? it keeps me up at night.” Georgia said.

Betoota Advocate reached out to the Instagram famous tattoo artist, Hex D’Antonio (32), who will be tattooing Georgia.

Standing outside a dingy tattoo parlour rolling a cigarette Hex stated.

“Oh yeah that’s that girl that wants me to tattoo her when I come up to Sydney” Hex said before lighting up a cigarette.

“She seems really chill, I’m looking forward to actually chatting to some locals up there. I’m such a talker and tattooing is great for conversation.”

While it might be surprising that Georgia and Hex are on completely different pages coming into the tattoo, experts say this is nothing new.

“What Georgia is experiencing is unfortunately, not uncommon. A lot of tattoo artists possess a rare gift for transforming a peaceful, zen-like experience into a marathon of small talk endurance. It’s truly a test for some, it’ like they’ve trained for a lifetime to master the art of conversational torture.”

It’s still not known how Georgia plans on keeping up with such a barrage of small talk, but she remains confident she can keep the conversation rolling without too much self cringe.


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