In a complete display in lack of Self Awareness, Betoota Heights man, Mitchell Smith (30) has bravely declared that Vegans should really stop making being vegan their entire personality. As one of the biggest problems facing the Australian meat industry, Mitchell believes Vegans really need an attitude change, while his passion for all things meat is nothing more than being a manly, true-blue Australian.

Standing outside MeatFest, the annual Australian BBQ conference, wearing an “I hate vegans” shirt, Mitchell was found chatting to another fellow meat enthusiast about his new meat smoking techniques.

“This is my fourth year of MeatFest, it’s really just a great time for the whole meat loving community to get together without being bloody harassed by those crazy vegans, like seriously, it’s just a dietary choice.” Mitchell said before going into the benefits of his all meat diet he got from Joe Rogan.

While Mitchell was unable to tell the Advocate of anytime that he’s even had a vegan comment on his love for meat, he assured us that it’s definitely a problem.

“These vegans I tell ya, they just get so triggered by meat, it’s crazy. Some of the stuff I see on youtube, its woke culture gone mad! I really think one day they’re just going to ban meat all together. Not on my watch.” Mitchell exclaimed while meat juices from the ribs he was eating ran down his chin.

While many vegans say that there are societal, moral and health benefits to ditching meat, Mitchell says it’s all for show.

“It’s just virtue signaling, have you heard of that? Jordan Peterson talk about it a lot”

“They act like they’re saving the world with their vegan diets and electric vehicles! it’s all for show”

When asked if he’d ever make environmentally friendly lifestyle changes in the future Mitchell simply gave a look of confusion.

“You actually believe in that crap?”

Mitchell remains confident that events like MeatFest 2023 can help grow the community of Australian meat lovers while also creating a safe space for meat enthusiasts to share BBQ techniques without the onslaught of woke vegans crashing their party.


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