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A Brisbane woman has been forced to fight back with her secret weapon this week, after copping an absolute rinsing for her pronunciation of the word ‘Prahran’, 

It’s alleged Alicia Stone was staying with her friend Nala over the weekend when she committed the very common faux pas, innocently remarking that Prahran was such a cute area to live in.

Having never heard anyone say the word before, Alicia had no choice but to sound it out phonetically, which had her mate absolutely tickled.

“HAHA PRAH-RAN!”, Nala had guffawed, finding it absolutely hilarious that Alicia was simply saying the word how it was spelt, “it’s PRAN.”

“Oh my god that’s so funny.”

Despite it not being that funny, Nala continued to bring up the gaffe multiple times that day – therefore prompting Alicia to bust out the one Brisbane suburb name known to take out every foreigner who tries to sound it out – Indooroopilly.

“Alright, what does this word say then?”, asked Alicia, showing Nala a map of the town Indooroopilly, knowing full well that Nala would naturally put a strong emphasis on the word ‘door.’

“Ah In-door-roo-pilly?”


“Haha that’s so funny oh my gosh.”

More to come.


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