In a classic display of laidback ignorance, Australian man Myles Pereira (48) has declared Canadians and Americans are the “same shit” after being corrected by the Canadian girl he’s talking to that she is in fact, Canadian.

The incident reportedly occurred during a casual conversation at a local pub, where Myles, overhearing a conversation between two people with what he believed to be a North American accent, felt like he needed to chime in.

“Oh yeah we got some yanks in the building.” Myles said.

“We’re from Canada actually, there’s a difference.” One of the girls responded.

“Same shit.” Myles countered, while finishing his beer and walking off.

While generally considered a friendly people, the Canadians in this instance were far from cool, calm and collected.

“I just can’t believe he thinks we’re the same as Americans!” said Madison Whitlock (21), a Canadian girl on a working holiday.

While 2 Canadian’s were left rattled from the entire ordeal, Myles, the man at the heart of the incident, remains unfazed by the misunderstanding.

“It’s the same shit and you can tell me otherwise.” Myles said.

“Both nationalities make a weird face every time I say c*nt.”


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