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Brenton Poon is fed up.

Not with his garbage-collecting job in general, nor with his estranged wife that insists they’re ready as a couple for twin beds.

In fact, there’s not much in this world that the 34-year-old says upsets him.

But what really gets his goat are the resident of 45 Wristy Road, French Quarter.

“They’re fucking recycling bin is always full. Every FUCKING Wednesday morning, we swing around into the back lane and there it is, chokas,”

“Typically, a normal Betoota recycling bin is less than half full. The bastards that live in that house must be lining up behind Derryn Hinch at the liver shop by now. I’ve never seen so much piss come out of a house,”

“Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Really helped. Cheers.”

The Advocate paid a visit to Wristy Road this afternoon to hear first hand why they were consuming so much grog during the week but nobody was at home.

Speaking to neighbours, some were able to confirm that the share house is indeed notorious for their drinking in the area and that it’s begun to impact on other local residents.

One resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the house is full of alcoholics and perverts.

“It seems all they do of an evening time is drink!” said the weak-chinned man.

“Once I asked them to turn the music down, which was quite loud. They turned it down and apologised but I could still hear them call me names after they did. One of them called me a ‘tired looking old cunt’ and a ‘French Quarter rent boy’ which is extremely offensive,”

“It’s offensive because I am a homeowner and they are renters! Anyway, they’re probably asleep in there hungover or strung out!”

More to come.


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