Old mate Richard Evans is bloody sick of all this talk about converting to cloud technology. Not because he doesn’t understand how it works, but because it’s not to be trusted. At least, that’s what he says, anyway.

As the oldest person in the office, you’d think that he’d be keen to keep up with evolving technology to match pace with younger employees, who’ve likely grown sick of showing him how to download PDF files.

But considering he’s been in the same position for roughly ten years and works for the government, it’s unlikely Richard will ever be fired. No matter how incompetent or insufferable he is to work with.

Though his knowledge of technology peaked around 2013, which was admittedly a lot better than others his age, Richard has stoutly refused to use Google Drive – instead choosing to carry several USB’s in his laptop bag and forgetting what documents he had on all of them.

“Nup, not doing it, don’t trust it”, says Richard, “where does it even go?”

“I don’t want my documents up in the clouds.”

“Anybody can find it.”

 More to come.


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