Judging by the monumental size of his beer gut, you’ll be hard-pressed to believe Ryan Jacobson was a fit bloke.

But apparently, it’s all part of his plan. In fact, it’s been his plan for a while now.

It’s alleged Ryan had been slowly but surely piling on the kilos, in the hopes of becoming ‘hella swole.’

But according to his mates, Ryan has been talking about dirty bulking for roughly three years and is said to visit the gym once a week – choosing only to do a few bicep curls before calling it a day.

“Yeah I’m dirty bulking”, Ryan insists, “it’s a lot quicker than going the traditional route.”

“You see, it’s all about calorie intake.”

“If you want to get big, you’ve got to eat a lot.” 

“The muscles need food.”

Adding that he’s also pretty sure Mark Walhberg uses the same technique, Ryan reckons he just needs a couple of kilos more before he begins cutting.

More to come.


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