When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes well-adjusted people can act a little crazy.

One such person is local woman Sheree Tubbs, who’s found herself indulging in a sadistic ritual of habitually going scrolling through six months worth’s of text messages to pinpoint the exact moment her ex lost his feelings.

Though she suspected it was just a gradual decline, the difference in responses from the beginning of the relationship to the end is pretty heartbreaking – which she keeps looking at almost every night before she goes to sleep.

Revealing to our reporter a massive graph covered in timestamps, Sheree gives a quick breakdown of her breakup, including the small nuances in greetings and the progressively longer time span between replies.

“As you can see here, he stopped saying ‘good morning, babe”, says Sheree, touching her finger to a marker that says ‘February 12’, “it was good morning for a couple more months, then no morning text at all.”

“Then from May 4 onwards, he took much longer to reply to me”, she explains, pointing at a sloping decline.

“By August 2nd I realised that he wasn’t just tired all the time haha.”

Realising that she’s acting a little obsessive, Sheree grimaces and drops her head into her hands, insisting that she’s not nuts, just incredibly hurt.

“Nothing hurts more than a relationship dying a slow, horrible death.”

“If you’re not into someone, just tell them.”

 More to come.


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