With premiers announcing the slightly Mad Max sounding roadmap to freedom for jabbed up people, some of the nation’s more suspicious residents are reportedly feeling a bit concerned.

A resident of the NSW Northern Rivers, Aquarius Moon, states that she is concerned this roadmap will see anti-vaxxers become second-tier citizens in an official sense.

“This is really concerning, especially as I was just about to get the old camper converted to LPG and take the drums on tour,” stated Moon, who has been talking about this proposed road trip for the past ten years and hasn’t really left her hometown since the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

“A jab passport not only undermines hours of my own research but will stop the death serum free community from spreading good vibes up and down the coast.” 

Although Moon does not have any concrete plans to leave her idyllic, off-grid hideaway, she states she feels as if the proposed vax passport would be a suppression of freedom unseen since WW2.

Moon then went on to make several pretty crook comments that we will not be repeating here.


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