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West Australian Daniel Ricciardo won the Italian Grand Prix overnight in spectacular fashion after two of Formula One’s biggest names crashed into each other and out of the race.

Pom Lewis Hamilton and Dutch person Max Verstappen collided at the first corner and they were both visibly frustrated by it.

It’s Ricciardo’s eighth win, which he celebrated by drinking from his shoe as is traditional in Perth.

After crossing the finish line and doing said shoey, Ricciardo spoke very briefly to The Advocate about the victory but it seemed his mind was somewhere else.

“I mean, yeah sure, winning is sick but this race’s episode next season on Drive To Survive will be off the chain,” he said.

“Those two are already off each other big time. Like if you thought WA was off NSW at the moment, like times that by 50. Like, there’s respect there and everything but like they’re not having cold beers in the pool together after the race,”

“But yeah, there’s already been a lot of build-up between those blokes. But yeah, not like it made any difference to me. Pillar to post, brother. Suck eggs everyone else.”

Drive to Survive is a popular documentary series on the boxless Austar that comes from the internet. Like Austar, the shows come down from the sky but they’re in internet form first and your phone or eleven-year-old Dell laptop screams in pain as it converts it from satellite rays into moving pictures.

More to come.


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