In a stunning revelation, Clare Warne (27) , a recent transplant to the coastal haven of Byron Bay, is strongly convinced that ditching city life for the laid-back vibes of Byron was the best decision she’s ever made, even though she finds herself inexplicably drawn back to the city every fortnight.

“Best decision I’ve ever made, so good to be out of the rat race y’know?’. Clare said as she tried to convince others and herself that she’d made the right decision.

Clare, a self-proclaimed “free spirit” and part time circus assistant, made the move from the bustling city to the serene beaches of Byron Bay in search of a simpler life filled with sunsets, sand, and the occasional beach party.

“I needed a change,  I was tired of the soulless city and wanted to connect with nature, find my zen, and maybe start a commune or something” Clare said during a break from her regular crystal meditation session.

Despite her conviction that Byron Bay is her new spiritual home, Clare has developed the habit of packing her bags every two weeks to embark on a pilgrimage back to the city she allegedly left behind.

“Well, like, I’ve still got all my friends back in the city, plus it can get a little quiet in Byron, I also think it’s a little unfair that all the concerts and stuff are in the cities.”

“Trust me, if it was up to me I wouldn’t come back to the city, haha.” Clare insisted.

Despite the raised eyebrows from friends and family, Clare remains confident in her belief that her bi-weekly city trips are essential.

“A lot of my friends ask me why I don’t just move back to the city, the thing is, I’m simply one of those people that feels at peace with nature.”

“The people are just so down to earth here.” Clare said, which has confused many considering every single acquaintance she’s made is either a European backpacker or also someone from a capital city that’s escaping the rat race. 


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