A local Betoota couple have found themselves caught between a rock and a yum place as they grapple with the decision between going to a fancy high end restaurant, or an Italian joint that hasn’t changed since 1991- which features a giant map of Italy and that pizza chef statue you see at any respectable Italian restaurant.

Josh Flitchall (30) and Priya Young (30) have maintained their date night tradition for years. They’ve always considered themselves quite the urban food safarists, but earlier tonight, they found themselves having to choose between their hearts or their heads.

Earlier in the day, Priya had seen on her feed that a brand-new restaurant from world-famous chef Bernard Moureux had just opened locally. The timing couldn’t be any better; within minutes, Priya had secured her booking.

While on the way to the dinner of their lives, Priya describes the anticipation as they got a head start on the menu online.

“There was such excitement, I’ve only ever seen chef Moureux’s food on trendy New York Instagram accounts, It was all going so well until we hit that red light.”

As the couple came to a stop in traffic, something caught their attention, the sweet tunes of Radio Italia Greatest Hits CD 2.

There it was: Bella Tony’s Trattoria Pasta And Pizzeria. With the pizza man statue front and centre, similar to the Statue of Liberty welcoming new arrivals, and a giant map of Italy inside that was so big it was visible from traffic, the two turned to each other in horror.

“In that moment we knew we would be making one of the hardest decisions of our recent memory. Do we make the most of our rare booking that won’t come around often? or do we go with our hearts to this random Italian restaurant that most likely does a really good bolognese?” 

While the two sat in silence they noticed two old Nonna’s walking out to have a cigarette, that was the final confirmation they needed.

“If there’s old Nonna’s there it has to be good, it’s that simple.” Josh said.

The two ended up having a meal that perfectly hit the spot.


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