In a rare showing of community spirit, the Australian banks are urging Taylor Swift fans to remain vigilant about ticket scams ahead of her upcoming blockbuster tour.

Just this week, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission revealed that around 20 dodgy websites were being taken down per day. The scammers are offering everything from fake cryptocurrency opportunities to Taylor Swift tickets.

Anyone still looking for tickets to the American singers concerts, which sold out within like 30 seconds of going online a couple months ago, have been advised that if it looks too good to be true – it probably is.

However, one Betoota-based Swiftie says there’s still a few legit sellers out there.

“I got really lucky I think” says diehard taytay fan, Justine Shakitov (30).

After exploring every other avenue for tickets to the sold out concert, Justine says she’d even gone as far as visiting the front office at Ticketek, but that’s before she found a relatively affordable alternative.

“I mean $350 is a bit steep, but you can expect that for tickets this close to the show. Plus Taylor is the only concert I would actually buy tickets for anyway, so this makes up for a lifetime of avoiding any other form of live music”

As Justine explains, she’d almost given up hope when she stumbled across the little known ticketing retailer.

“CheapRealTickets.Kz was actually way easier to use than Ticketek. They didn’t even want a name, they just wanted my card details and then they sent me an email of my ticket”

“I don’t know what the KZ stands for, maybe Kansas?


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